The Art of Being Stylish

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The Art of Being Stylish.

Welcome to our world of Footwear... and the Art of being Stylish. Defined by exclusivity and elegance, Europa Art Group is home to an array of Platinum Brands, an echelon above the rest, housing luxury Brazilian and European Footwear. Each pair of shoes stocked and accessory sold, bears our stamp of approval and signature style. If you adore Italian shoes, bags and belts; or bespoke Brazilian sandals, accessories and totes; you needn’t travel abroad. Our Buyers select the latest styles, bringing them to you in store. Our clients can be assured of luxurious goods teamed with supreme service.

“Look for the story in the Shoes, if there is no story, there are no Shoes.”

The Tale of the Europa Art Group started many years ago on the Island of Xios, in Greece. The skill of Shoe-making and the passion for Footwear was stitched through four Generations of the Lambrakis family, originating in the era of the World Wars.

In 1960, the Lambrakis family, disembarked on South African soil; with the manufacturing of Shoes being their sole source of income. After nine solid years of hard work, dedication and determination; they founded their first Shoe Manufacturing Plant and Shoe Store, situated in Market Street, in downtown Johannesburg. Four years later, in 1973, Europa Art Shoes established a National Footprint, and today have 20 Stores Nationwide, as well as three additional Brands under their umbrella.

Over forty years later, the Europa Art Group is an established Family-run Business, and owes its’ sensational success to passion and perseverance. Europa Art Shoes, which falls under the illustrious umbrella of the Europa Art Group, is proud to be one of the largest Independent National Retail Footwear Stores.

Preview Shoes represents European Designers of distinction, as well as Italian Shoes at their finest, imported onto South African soil. Hosting a select range of elite Designers, Preview Shoes houses highly covetable Brands.

Dumond is Europa Art Group’s first Brazilian Brand, and having been in the Footwear Business for years, is one of Brazil’s Luxury Footwear and Accessory Brands. Dumond combines Brazilian fashion with international trends to satisfy the Modem, Urban Woman.

Clarks, the most recent addition to the Group, has brought the Comfort, Quality and Style of British Shoemakers since 1825 onto local Shores.

With representation in most of Gauteng’s regional Shopping Centres, as well as in other Provinces; the Directors of the Group travel extensively to bring International Trends to a Local Market.

Each Store has been Stocked with our Target Market in mind. Our highly skilled Staff upholds the Ethos of Customer Service and Satisfaction. These attributes have built an International Empire whilst affording our Clients an unparalled Experience; and established Europa Art Group as a firm favourite amongst Footwear Fanatics.

Europa Art Group

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