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Who we are
Folli Follie is an international lifestyle fashion brand which designs, manufactures and distributes jewellery, watches and fashion accessories that uplift the style of women worldwide. Folli Follie creates fashion in 30 countries with more than 650 points of sale worldwide.

Our philosophy is to offer a “full fashion concept” of trendy jewellery, watches and accessories.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to enhance the feel-good factor. Folli Follie unveils the sunny side of every woman throughout the world. Through its unique offering on all aspects, from product to customer experience, the brand is dedicated to bring to light the brightest, most positive and most attractive side of women.

Our vision is to be a top fashion inspiration for women worldwide

Product Strength
Folli Follie established itself as a true pioneer in the market when it introduced, amongst its first collections, unique jewellery creations made of silver combined with Murano glass and later on complete jewellery collections made of stainless steel in silver or gold colour combined with diamonds - a trend followed by many others. Depending on the materials used (sterling silver, stainless steel, bronze, precious and semi-precious stones) and in a wide price range covering all needs, the company offers an unrivalled assortment of styles for the creation of a unique style.

The Folli Follie World
Folli Follie’s jewellery, accessories and watches collections are presented throughout the year addressing the ever-changing lifestyle of the fashion addicts. The company’s experienced design team consists amongst other Italian, Swiss, British, Chinese and Greek top designers, who work together for the presentation of complete jewellery, watches and accessories collections. The collection’s highlight is the premium KK Collection, which includes unique and limited edition jewellery and accessories pieces, inspired and supervised by Mrs. Ketty Koutsolioutsos. Our designer’s goal is not only to maintain a fashion orientation complementing the prevalent fashion trends, but also to set them, translating fashion in the daily life and offering special, characteristic fashion tips, with the signature of Folli Follie.

Furthermore, the emphasis given to the unique design does not stop at the product itself but extends into all Folli Follie visible associations and image of the company such as: shop layout, décor, window display, product presentation, furniture, packaging, promotional material and of course integrated communication strategy. In other words, the company’s artistic team in collaboration with the Branding, Marketing and Public Relations Department strive to create a “Folli Follie world”, which ensures a consistent, characteristic brand image amongst all Folli Follie shops and products, immediately recognizable by the global consumer. In addition to its jewellery and watches lines, Folli Follie offers comprehensive assortments in fashion accessories such as handbags, wallets, small leather goods, belts, pashminas and sunglasses. The exclusively designed pieces add breadth to the company’s identity and are now globally recognized amongst accessories brands.

The Folli Follie team of designers works restlessly in taking iconic motifs and translating them into unique designs that go through the entire Folli Follie product range, always with impeccable style. The iconic motif approach is yet another aspect that demonstrates the insightful process of the Folli Follie designing teams. Over the past few years, the Folli Follie consumer follows the exciting journey of the iconic motifs such as Heart4Heart and Santorini Flower, from a statement necklace translated into an exciting watches collection, into a complete jewellery line with many distinct offerings and into unique bags and purses. All Folli Follie jewellery, watches and accessories lines complement each other, offering a “full fashion concept” and providing at the same time a contemporary, alternative and fresh experience to customers over the world.

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Folli Follie’s philosophy is to offer a “full fashion concept” of trendy jewellery, watches and accessories.


Western Cape

  • Canal Walk Shopping Centre
    Address: Canal Walk Shopping Centre Shop: L144 
    Phone: (021) 5550811 
    Fax: (021) 5511041


  • Menlyn Park Shopping Centre
    Address: Menlyn Shopping Centre Shop: G132 
    Phone: (012) 3484949

  • Sandton City
    Address: Nelson Mandela square Shop number: L5 
    Phone: (011) 883 0565 
    Fax: 011 883 2672

Folli Follie

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