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Management and Organisational Structure

Since its inception, Europa Art Group has always been a family- owned and operated Business. It is currently managed by the Directors, George, Melpomeni, Nick, Melina and Yianni Lambrakis.


All Retail Outlets are managed by one, or in some instances, two Store Managers. Some of our Staff have been with the Group for more than 15 years, and have grown to understand and appreciate the needs of our Target Markets.


Together with the invaluable Experience our Staff have gained with the Europa Art Group over the years, they have ensured that the Group’s sales figures have grown steadily yearly.


Our new Personnel are trained at Europa Art Group’s Head Office, through our Human Resources Division, developing their Skills and Customer Relations, ensuring that a solid foundation of succession remains in the Business. Thereafter the new Staff are deployed to their allocated Stores and report to Head Office on a monthly basis for analysis of behaviour and performance.


Area Managers are employed to oversee a number of Stores in each Province. Their responsibilities include ensuring that Stores are well-Stocked, managed and maintained; and that all systems and procedures are followed in accordance to Company Policy. Area Managers are also responsible for ensuring that Stock levels balance at all times, that computers are functioning properly, and that Stock is transferred between Head Office and Stores efficiently. Area Managers report directly to the Board of Directors, who travel between Stores, ensuring that the Business is running optimally.


Europa Art Group has its’ Head Office in Senderwood, Johannesburg, at which the Board of Directors is based. Head Office also houses a depot where international Stock is received and distributed.


Once a container arrives, the process begins to count, separate and record all Stock on our computerized Stock-control system. All Retail Outlets in the Group have computers connected to the centralized network. This makes it possible for Staff to ascertain availability, colour and style of any shoe currently in Stock. They are also able to order and arrange for the transfer of Stock between Stores, as required. Once the imported Stock has been recorded on the computer system, it is dispatched to Retail Outlets nationwide.

Europa Art Group

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